Sweat to the music with Haier America's Ibiza Trainer

The 2GB Haier America Ibiza Rhapsody Trainer MP3 player includes a built-in heart rate monitor, a pedometer, a calorie counter, and a stopwatch.

Jasmine France Former Editor
Haier America

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: an MP3 player is the perfect workout companion. There's nothing like a little music to get you motivated for a sweat session. Of course, some MP3 players even take things a step further by offering other fitness-friendly extras. Such is the case with Haier America's latest Ibiza device, the Trainer. This 2GB player includes a built-in heart-rate monitor, a pedometer, a calorie counter, and a stopwatch. Really, what more could you ask for from a gym-ready gadget? How about an FM tuner, you say? Why yes, there's one of those as well. The Trainer is also compatible with Rhapsody To Go for when you get sick of your same old rotation. Other supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, and WAV. The 10-hour battery life leaves something to be desired, but for an ultracompact fitness-oriented player, it's adequate.

The Haier America Ibiza Trainer is expected to go on sale by the second quarter of this year and will cost about $60.