Spansion samples new memory chip

Memory manufacturer develops single-chip 1-gigabit NOR flash memory device for embedded markets.

Michael Singer
Michael Singer Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Memory manufacturer Spansion said Wednesday that it is sampling what it claims is the world's first single-chip 1-gigabit . Currently, high-end NOR flash capacities are on the order of 512 megabytes. The memory is widely used to store code in devices such as USB (universal serial bus) flash drives, MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile phones. The new memory device was made using 90-nanometer MirrorBit technology, Spansion said. Full production is slated to begin late this year. Prices are expected to be $18.50 each in bulk orders.

The NOR memory includes advanced security features that store, lock and protect data on any sector of the device. Spansion, a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices and Fujitsu, is currently trying to spin off in an initial public offering, which Piper Jaffray analysts estimate could take place within the next three months.