Sony CDX-GT700HD features HD Radio, iTunes tagging

Built-in HD Radio tuning and iTunes song tagging comes to Sony's line of car stereo receivers in the CDX-GT700HD.

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Sony CDX-GT700HD

LAS VEGAS--Built-in HD Radio tuning and iTunes song tagging come to Sony's line of car stereo receivers in the CDX-GT700HD. iTunes tagging works when an iPod or iPhone is connected. While listening to an HD Radio station, users can tag songs that they like to store the metadata to the iPod device. When the iPod is later connected to the a PC, a playlist is created from which users can purchase and download tagged songs.

The CDX-GT700HD features a front USB input for connecting an iPod or other portable storage device, as well as a CD drive with MP3 playback. Sony's Quick-BrowZer, ZAPPIN, and Jump Mode technologies allow users to browse their large music libraries, and a passenger control function allows for direct selection of songs from the iPod itself. Under the hood, there's an array of Sony audio technologies, including a DM+ Advanced sound quality enhancer for compressed music files.

The CDX-GT700HD car stereo will be available in February 2010 for about $180.