Sony announces XAV-70BT, XAV-60 in-dash AV centers

Sony's new flagship media receiver features a big, sexy 7-inch display.

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Sony XAV-70BT
Sony's XAV-70BT may not look like much in photos, but that's because it's nearly all screen! Sony

LAS VEGAS--Sony has announced a new flagship XAV-70BT in-dash AV receiver center. The unit is built around a 7-inch WVGA motorized panel display and Sony's new graphic user interface.

Behind the sexy touch screen is a reasonable amount of audio processing horsepower including Center Speaker Organizer (CSO), which aims to create virtual 5.1 channel surround from stereo sources; SensMe music software, which creates custom music playlists and channels based on the user's music library; and the Advanced Sound Engine (ASE) which is a collection of Sony's sound processing technologies. Users can connect their iPods, iPhones, and other digital media players to the rear USB input or utilize the Bluetooth wireless technology to stream audio or make hands-free calls.

Stepping down a tier, the Sony XAV-60 features nearly all of the functionality of the XAV-70BT, but drops the Bluetooth wireless technology and reduces the screen size to 6.1 inches for fairly substantial cost savings.

The XAV-60 will be available in March 2010 for around $550, followed by its big brother, the XAV-70BT, in April 2010 for $750.