Social media users like the sound of iTunes Radio

Ninety-four percent of the people on social networks are happy about Apple's new music service, according to analytics company NetBase.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
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Donna Tam
Apple shows off iTunes Radio at WWDC 2013.
Apple shows off iTunes Radio at WWDC 2013. James Martin/CNET

Apple finally unveiled its music streaming service, iTunes Radio, and the social Web approves.

Social media analytics company NetBase found that 94 percent of social media users had positive comments about iTunes Radio following the product's release during Apple's WWDC developers conference on Monday, which means only 6 percent had negative comments.

The streaming service, which is tied into Apple's popular ecosystem, was highly discussed in the media in recent weeks as a competitor to services like Pandora and Spotify.

NetBase said iTunes Radio received the most positive comments among all of Apple's products announced on Monday. The most mentioned product from WWDC was iOS 7. While NetBase didn't revealed which product had the most negative mentions, the company did indicate that mentions of Apple CEO Tim Cook increased by 76 percent from last year but were 25 percent more negative. Overall, Apple had a good day with more than double the number of mentions as last year, 78 percent of which were positive.

Do the early social media points for iTunes Radio mean it will be easy for Apple to carve into the customer base of existing services? Only time will tell, but a search on Twitter shows some Pandora users have already made the switch.

While Pandora users were happy to jump ship, there was definitely more resistance from Spotify users: