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Skype preview for Windows Phone 8 now in-store

If you've recently upgraded to Microsoft's new Windows 8 mobile operating system, you can now take Skype for a spin.

Microsoft's Skype for Windows Phone 8, an app tweaked for use with the new operating system, is now available to download as a preview.


The popular VoIP program, which facilitates video and messaging across the Internet for free, has now been spotted in the Windows Phone store. You cannot search for it in the usual method, but as reported by WP Central, the link is now available for those considering a shift to a Windows 8 mobile device.

The free 8MB download is a preview release, and as Microsoft says, "experiences are not final." Some popular features, including a user being able to receive call and message notifications even when the app is closed, are still under development.

Until the app release becomes official, you may also experience issues with call reliability and potentially buggy features.

The Skype for Windows 8 app requires the aforementioned operating system and a minimum of 512MB memory on the Windows Phone device.

Recently, Microsoft said it would retire Windows Live in order to push more consumers to use Skype's messaging service. However, it may be sooner than you think; the Skype team noted in a blog post that the proposed date will be as soon as next year:

"We will retire Messenger in all countries worldwide in the first quarter of 2013 (with the exception of mainland China where Messenger will continue to be available)."

To make the transition easier, the latest Skype update allows you to transfer your contacts from Messenger.