Shiva connects remote 56-kbps users

Shiva introduces a new server computer that delivers 56-kbps connection speeds, while Hayes also unveils a server capable of the similar speeds.

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Shiva (SHVA) introduced today a new server computer that delivers 56-kbps connection speeds. Hayes Microcomputer also introduced a server capable of similar speeds.

The Shiva LanRover/D56 allows telecommuters and other remote users in small and medium-sized businesses to dial in using 56-kbps modems as well as ISDN and 33.6-kbps modems.

The server is available in 12- and 24-port configurations and has software that simplifies configuration for high-speed T1 and PRI (Primary Rate Interface) digital line connections. The number of ports indicates the number of connections available. PowerBurst software, which accelerates applications such as cc:Mail, MS Mail, and MS Access, is part of the package.

The new remote-access server incorporates K56flex technology from Rockwell. Analog modems that connect to the server must also use K56flex technology in order to achieve faster download speeds; K56flex technology doesn't currently interoperate with modems based on U.S. Robotics' x2 technology for 56-kbps modems.

Shiva says the LanRover/D56 will be available in limited quantities in June, with prices starting at $6,999. Also, 56-kbps modem cards for the LanRover Access Switchware slated for availability in June. The remote access concentrator is for use in large corporations or online service providers, and will be available for $5,950.

In related news, Hayes announced a new central site remote access server for use by large corporate networks or online service providers that supports K56flex technology.

Hayes says that the MR 200 has T1, E1, and PRI line cards, meaning it can send and receive multiple calls over a single phone line. The system supports 112 modems running at 56-kbps speeds, according to the company. It also support 33.6-kbps modems. All modems can be configured individually or as a group from a remote location.

The MR200 will have an estimate retail price of $2,499 for the entry level 33.6 analog system. It will be available worldwide in the third quarter or 1997.