Shifting tides for chipmakers

On the server side, HP puts its last Itanium pieces into place. On the desktop, AMD goes to bat for dual cores.

CNET News staff
On the server side, Hewlett-Packard puts its last Itanium pieces into place. On the desktop, Advanced Micro Devices goes to bat for dual-core technology.

HP moves out of pre-Itanium era

Launch of NonStop servers using Intel chip marks final shift away from HP's own PA-RISC processors in full server family.
May 31, 2005

AMD unveils dual-core desktop chips

The company says its new chips, which will sell at a premium price, will provide better performance and lower power consumption.
May 31, 2005

Tech, drugs and the wealth of nations

newsmaker Cadence Design executive Ray Bingham sees a precedent the U.S. can follow to maintain its tech leadership.
May 31, 2005

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Via touts chip for low-cost notebooks

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May 27, 2005

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May 25, 2005