Sharp unveils large-screen notebook

Sharp announced a new big-screen Pentium notebook with high resolution.

CNET News staff
Sharp announced a new big-screen Pentium notebook at PC Expo in New York today.

Featuring XGA resolution--the next step up from Super VGA--the Sharp PC-9080's 12.1-inch screen features 50 percent greater brightness and 38 percent less power consumption than the previous generation of notebooks, the company said.

The PC-9080 features a 133-MHz Pentium, 16MB of RAM, 1.3GB hard drive, 6X CD-ROM drive, 28.8 built-in fax-modem, MPEG 1 video compression, built-in sound, and a removable floppy drive. The unit weighs 7.3 pounds, CD-ROM and floppy drive included.

The system also comes with built-in infrared communications capabilities--the same technology used for television remote controls--so that it can connect wirelessly to a local area network or swap files with other infrared-enabled devices.

Due at the end of July, the PC-9080 will cost less than $6,000, the company said.