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Sharp shows 8K resolution prototype TV

A vertical resolution of 7,680 pixels highlights a Sharp prototype TV at CES.

Here's a shot of the 8K TV shown at IFA in Europe last September.

LAS VEGAS--LG and Toshiba have already shown HDTVs with twice the resolution of 1080p, aka "4K," but Sharp is going one better by showing its prototype 85-inch, 8K television at CES 2012.

Here's the company's press information:

Sharp is also developing its "Super High-Vision" 8K displays. These fully immersive units offer dramatically higher resolution than any current HDTV televisions with an astounding 7,680 pixels of horizontal resolution. Unique LCD panel and proprietary high-vision video content driving technologies position Sharp to realize direct-view LCD high-vision for the mass-market in the near future, further cementing its status as a category leader.

We try to make the point that there's no real source of 4K content, so that goes double for content that can take advantage of the TV's 8K native resolution. Still, 7,680 is a pretty high number.

Sharp also showed the TV earlier this year at IFA, so here are the details courtesy of flatpanelshd.