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Sexy sells at CES

CNET takes a look at the sexier side of CES 2011.

Representatives for Skullcandy headphones.
David Carnoy/CNET

LAS VEGAS--At last year's CES, we put together a slideshow called "Sexy sells at CES" that highlighted part of the human element that companies use to help make their gadgets stand out on the crowded show floor--or at least encourage people to stop at their booths.

For some reason, this slideshow proved to be rather popular with our readers, so we thought we'd cobble something together this year.

Don't get the wrong impression. Not every company hires models to show off their wares and talk about their products. And even when they do, the product demos are very serious affairs that include their share of dry specs and technological terms that can make your eyes glaze over.

Yeah, sure, you're saying. Tell us another lie. But it's true. We swear.

Anyway, on to the slideshow. As always, feel free to comment (you can return to this story from the last slide).