Server anchors small-shop network suite

The new Vetix Mxi server is at the core of Micron Electronics' network solution for small and midsized businesses.

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Micron Electronics today announced it will offer both a new midrange server and a selection of network components for small and midsized businesses.

The Vetix Mxi server, based on Intel's Pentium Pro processor, is at the core of Micron's new offerings. It will be priced starting at $4,699 to target smaller networks. The new server will be available from Micron starting June 5.

A Vetix Mxi, which comes with a 200-MHz Pentium Pro processor, 128MB of memory, and three 4GB SCSI-3 hard disk drives, will cost $7,999. For $13,499, the Vetix 2Mxi provides dual 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors, 256MB of memory, and five 4GB hard disk drives.

All models include PCI and ISA expansion slots, a 12x/20x CD-ROM drive, five internal hot-swappable hard drive bays, Windows NT Server 4.0, and Intel LANDesk Server Manager 2.52.

Micron will also offer a line of networking hardware components from 3Com, Castelle, and American Power Conversion. Micron will sell these networking devices to customers looking to set up their own networks.

Products sold under this program will include network hubs, switches, print servers, fax servers, CD-ROM servers, fax modems, uninterruptible power supplies, CD-ROM towers, RAID controllers, and disk and tape storage systems.

3Com will make its OfficeConnect networking hardware and servers available through Micron. The OfficeConnect family of hubs, switches, and fax and print servers is aimed at the small-office environment.

Within the OfficeConnect line, Castelle will offer both a fax and a print server. These servers allow computers connected over an office network to send and receive faxes through the fax server; they also speed printing operations when printers are connected to the network through the print server.

APC, a producer of power management systems, will sell its Smart UPS family of uninterruptible power supplies through Micron. The systems are commonly used to protect network servers from power outages.

Micron will also offer products from U.S. Robotics, Flextor, and Mylex.