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SecurID tightens security

Security Dynamics announces it will incorporate its SecureID hardware token into a number of companies' virtual private network offerings.

Security Dynamics Technologies (SDTI) will incorporate its SecurID hardware token into virtual private network offerings from several hardware and software vendors.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) let mobile employees, telecommuters, partners, and customers connect securely to corporate networks over the Internet.

Initial participants in Security Dynamics' SecurVPN program include Ascend, (ASND) Check Point Software Technologies (CHKP), Cisco (CSCO), and IBM (IBM).

The SecurVPN initiative extends a trend in the Internet security arena. Firms with complementary technologies are increasingly partnering to offer customers more complete security solutions, rather than forcing IS departments to assemble their own security programs with pieces from many vendors.

As reported previously by CNET's NEWS.COM, Security Dynamics' partnership with firewall vendor Check Point includes a joint marketing pact, called ViPN, through resellers. About 20 resellers that work with both vendors will be authorized to sell a combined VPN solution.

SecurVPN partners have embedded software from Security Dynamics to allow their devices to ask for a SecurID passcode, a password used to verify the identity of a user. SecurID users must possess both the hardware token and the password, providing what is called "two-factor authentication."

"This is a natural evolution of our traditional market," said David Powers, Security Dynamics senior vice president of marketing and corporate development. "As VPN technology emerges as a lower cost means of providing security for remote users, it's a natural place for us to be.

"Customers know that if they want support remote access over the Internet, they can be sure that our strong authentic solutions of the past, SecureID, and the ACE [security management] server will be there," he added.

Also participating in the Security Dynamics VPN initiative are Digital Equipment's AltaVista software unit, Aventail, InfoExpress, Livingston Enterprises, New Oak Communications, Semaphore, TimeStep, VPNet, and firewall vendors Raptor Systems, Trusted Information Systems, V-ONE.