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SBC makes $16 billion call for AT&T

Ma Bell offspring to take over AT&T in bid for global stature as cable and Net phone rivals close in. Photos: AT&T's history of innovation

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Ma Bell offspring strikes a deal to take over AT&T in a bid for global stature as traditional phone companies face a growing challenge from cable and Net phone rivals.

SBC to acquire AT&T for $16 billion

Baby Bell says deal will give it one of world's "most widely recognized and respected" brand names.
Photos: AT&T's history of innovation
January 31, 2005

AT&T chief lands another SBC merger

profile Been there, done that: Dave Dorman's resume includes the CEO slot at Pacific Bell, another company absorbed into SBC.
January 31, 2005

Merger, shmerger, where's my ESPN phone?

news analysis As traditional phone operators jockey for world telephone dominance, new technology helps make up for lost competition.
January 31, 2005

Making cell phone companies out of thin air

Sprint is making money by helping launch niche-chasing and networkless firms. Why don't the other big carriers want a slice?
January 31, 2005

MCI may be new belle of the acquisition ball

Analysts expect other Bells to pursue MCI rather than get into messy bidding war over AT&T.
The New York Times
January 31, 2005

Photos: From Bell to Telstar

Throughout much of its long life, AT&T and its Bell Labs subsidiary were at the forefront of technological progress.
January 31, 2005

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SBC cuts DSL price with bundled service

The company's fastest DSL service now has a lower price tag--but must be bundled with a calling plan.
January 27, 2005

Net phone service on tap

The last Bell provider to add Internet telephony, SBC signs a deal with VoIP provider Deltathree.
January 12, 2005

Hewlett-Packard forms alliance with SBC

Nonexclusive deal will let companies jointly develop and market IT and telecommunications products and services.
January 12, 2005