Samung's OLED photo frame

A look at Samsung's elegant OLED photo frame.

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My photo of a random gray wall never looked so good. Samsung

LAS VEGAS--This week at CES, Samsung unveiled what they're calling the slimmest digital photo frame yet for displaying "high-quality" images, the Samsung 700Z Digital Photo Frame.

The frame has a foldable "L" stand design and an active matrix (AM) OLED panel. The device uses DLNA-licensed technology to sync with other home or mobile photo and video devices.

Samsung claims that at 9 inches long by 6 inches wide by 4.6 inches deep, the Samsung 700Z can also be used as a secondary home or office monitor by connecting it to a PC through a USB cable, up to a resolution of 1,024x60 pixels. According to Samsung, the frame can be viewed from a wide 180 degree angle, as well.

Bluetooth allows users to share multimedia content across devices wirelessly, including uploading mobile photos and sharing pictures across multiple 700Z frames.

The Samsung 700Z has a suggested retail price of $300 and will be available in stores March 2010.