Samsung TicToc offers tunes for tweens

The Samsung TicToc, a basic, colorful MP3 player geared toward children, and includes a unique accelerometer-controlled navigation.

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Photo of the Samsung TicToc MP3 player.
The Samsung TicToc YP-S1. Sparkles and unicorns sold separately. Donald Bell/CNET

I have to hand it to Samsung this year, because it really is throwing out some unique (if a little wacky) MP3 players. First, it showed off a MyFit MP3 player that includes metal skin probes to measure your body fat. Then there's the Ice Touch, with its transparent touch screen OLED display. And finally, the TicToc, an MP3 player for children that looks like a miniature lipstick tube designed by a team of fairy princesses.

Samsung is tight-lipped on price and availability, but we do know that the TicToc will come in 2GB and 4GB capacities, and in three colors: blue, pink, and silver. Each player comes with three decorative shells, a pair of matching in-ear headphones, and an all-too-adorable charging cradle.

For a child's MP3 player, the specs aren't too shabby. Its battery lasts for 12 hours of audio playback and it support for MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, and FLAC file formats.

But really, the most distinguishing aspect of the TicToc is its unique one-button control that carries out different functions depending on how the player is held. Held vertically, the TicToc's single button adjusts volume. Held horizontally, the button controls track skip. Give the player a shake, and your songs are shuffled.

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