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Samsung streams video and music to your HDTV

Samsung has announced the Home Digital Media Adapter, which connects to select 2008 Samsung HDTVs and allows you to stream music, movies and photos from networked PCs and directly from the Internet.


Bearing a striking resemblance to Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link, Samsung has announced the Home Digital Media Adapter (DMA). The Home Digital Media Adapter is designed to attach to the back of certain 2008 Samsung HDTVs and streams media from the internet or networked connected PCs. Connecting to your home network is possible either by a wired Ethernet connection or by buying a separate 802.11n module. It also works as a Media Center Extender, which gives you access to Microsoft's user interface and features like an electronic programming guide. The initial list of supported file types is decent, with WMV, MPEG2 and h.264 video support, MP3 and WMA music support, and JPEG photo support.

The $199 list price is considerably less than Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link, and it compares favorably to standalone media streamer prices. Still, we're always skeptical of integrating functionality as complex as media streamer with another product (in this case an HDTV). We'll wait for a hands-on review for our final verdict, but we'll be surprised if it outclasses standalone media streamers. The Home Digital Media Adapter will be available in April.