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Samsung slams iPhone 5 linegoers in new attack ad

Samsung goes after Apple's earliest adopters in a new advertisement that pokes fun at those who wait in line for the company's products.

Samsung's ad suggests parents like to wait in line for Apple devices.

Samsung's gone on the offensive on early iPhone adopters once again with a new attack ad.

The commercial -- which to be sure is quite well done -- mocks those waiting for one of Apple's new iPhones in front of the company's retail stores:

The turnaround time is arguably impressive given that Apple debuted the iPhone 5just a week ago today. Mentioned (and mocked) are things like the new dock connector, larger screen and LTE -- the latter of which are said to be old news by those with Samsung's Galaxy S3. Samsung also pokes fun at people saving spots in line, with a humorous twist that one individual is saving a spot for his parents (pictured above).

The ad follows a print ad Samsung put out earlier this week attacking the iPhone 5's features against the S3 with the tagline "It doesn't take a genius." This new one follows the similar thread of earlier advertisements by saying "the next big thing is already here."

It's also not the first time Samsung's gone after those waiting in line for an iPhone. A similar campaign last year, for the Galaxy S2, poked funat the types of people who line up for the devices.

The ad comes at a time when people are, in fact, already lined up to get their hands on one of Apple's new iPhones, which goes on sale this Friday at 8 a.m. local time. The reason? The phone is already backordered on Apple and its retail partner's Web sites some three to four weeks. People began lining up outside of Apple's flagship store in New York earlier this week. Eager shoppers have also set up camp (quite literally) in front of Apple's store in Palo Alto, Calif. -- the closest store to Apple's corporate headquarters.

Last month's court case between Apple and Samsung outed the fact that Samsung spent more than a billion dollars on advertising last year, close to the total a California jury says the company owes Apple for infringing on a number of its patents.