Samsung PNB550 plasmas cut energy consumption in half

The Samsung PNB550 series of plasmas use almost 50 percent less energy than past models.

Matthew Moskovciak Senior Associate Editor / Reviews - Home theater
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Matthew Moskovciak
Samsung PNB550 series

As much as we love plasmas' image quality here at CNET, there's no denying that they're power hogs . However, at CES 2009 we've seen several plasma manufacturers showing off new energy-efficient panels. Like Panasonic's NeoPDP plasmas, the Samsung PNB550 series of plasmas claim to consume nearly 50 percent less energy compared to past models. Here are the full details.

Key features of the Samsung PNB550 series:

  • Nearly 50 percent less energy consumption compared to past models
  • Ultra FilterBright antiglare screen
  • Real Movie (24fps mode)
  • Real 600Hz processing
  • Energy Star 3.0 compatible
  • 50-, 58-, and 63-inch models
  • Available in first half of 2009

Like Panasonic, Samsung is touting "600Hz processing." Here's our effort to staunch consumer confusion: ignore this feature. It basically means plasmas have very good motion resolution, but as usual, it's very difficult to discern the difference for most people. Samsung also announced a higher-end series of plasmas, the PNB850 series. It includes several step-ups, including a better antiglare screen and Internet@TV functionality over Ethernet or Wi-Fi (with an adapter).

Update 03-25-09: Originally this article indicated that these plasmas had a slim, one-inch-thick cabinet design, but that is incorrect. The panels are the standard depth of around 3 inches.