Samsung Galaxy Gear inspired by handbags and gladrags

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was inspired by fine tailoring and the "ethedral perfection of nature."

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BERLIN -- The Samsung Galaxy Gear was inspired by handbags and fine suits. The design of the new Samsung smartwatch is meant to invoke "the luxurious leather texture of a handbag" and "the stitch detail of a fine suit," described by Samsung as "the essence of style."

Samsung said today it went through hundreds of mockups before settling on the Gear's final design, which features a urethane strap with a metal buckle and face.

The Gear is a watch that talks to your phone, saving you fetching your phone from your pocket every 5 minutes. Unveiled this week alongside the third generation of Galaxy Note, the Gear is set to lead a new wave of wearable technology.

The Note 3 has a leather-effect rear trimmed with fake stitching, intended for a comfortable grip and heading off criticism of previous phones and tablets like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4, which are encased in glossy plastic.

Josh Miller/CNET

Other devices with interesting inspiration include the Samsung Bordeaux television, which was inspired by the look of a crystal glass of wine at sunset.

Samsung discussed its design philosophy at an event at technology playground IFA 2013 in Berlin, where the air was peppered with nuggets like "meaningful connection," "consumer experience," "human centredness," "dynamic essence," and my personal favourite, "emotional journeys."

I also learned that the design of Samsung tellies is inspired by "the ethedral perfection of nature." Do you know what "ethedral" means? If so, shout out in the comments, because I haven't the foggiest.