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Samsung exec puts Apple on notice: No phone without our patents

As the ITC gets ready to review an earlier decision siding with Apple, Samsung's mobile boss works the refs in impromptu comments to reporters.

A jury in Northern California would say otherwise, but Samsung's mobile chief offered a pointed reminder to Apple that the patent dispute between the two companies is far from over.

"The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it's impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets,'' Samsung's head of mobile and IT, Shin Jong-kyun, told reporters in Seoul, according to a report in the Korea Times. "As you know, Samsung is very strong in terms of portfolios of wireless patents."

Jong-kyun's comments came as the U.S. International Trade Commission earlier this week announced that it plans to review a September decision of one of its administrative law judges which favored Apple over Samsung.

In August, a jury ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion to Apple. It was a slam-dunk victory for Apple as the jury rejected all of Samsung's claims against Apple.