Samsung delivers LED monitor re-up

Samsung announces two new LED monitors, the 550 and 350. As followups to the company's highly popular X2370 line, the new line continues to feature very thin panels.

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The 550 in all its sleek aesthetic glory! Samsung

LAS VEGAS--In the last year or so, the Samsung PX2370 and XL2370 have set the world afire in the LED monitor space, and Samsung is not content to rest on its laurels.

Today the company announced two new slim LED monitors to follow up the X2370 line. The Samsung 550 and 350 are the new LED kids on the block and as you can see, they're both downright gorgeous.

The 550 is the more high-end solution, whereas the 350 will be offered as a lower-end LED monitor.

These LED-based monitors continue Samsung's attention to aesthetic design and functionality, with elegant and simple video connection placement.

It'll be interesting to directly compare these with the PX2370 when I eventually get my hands on them. Curiously, these won't be the slimmest monitors in Samsung's product line. The 3D LED SA750 and SA950 were announced today as well.

Check back later this week for more details.