Samsung D6500 plasmas add inch, stay slim

Samsung's 2011 line of plasma TVs adds an extra inch in screen size wile maintaining a slim 1.5-inch deep form factor.

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David Katzmaier
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Samsung's PND6500 series of plasma TVs is an inch larger than the competition. Samsung
LAS VEGAS--Today Samsung announced details on its 2011 line of plasma TVs, and the mid-level PND6500 series showcases many of the company's changes compared with its 2010 plasmas.

One change is a slight increase in screen size. The two members of the D6500 series measure 51 and 59 inches, which is an inch greater than last year's Samsung plasma sizes of 50 and 58 inches, and one-ups the 50-inch plasmas of competitors like LG and Panasonic. On the other hand both are selling 60-inch plasmas, an inch larger than Samsung's new size. Apparently TV salesmanship is a game of inches.

Samsung says the larger viewable area doesn't increase cabinet size, however, since the company is using a new narrow bezel design--not quite as narrow as on its 2011 LED TVs like the UND7000, but still narrower than the competition. The D6500 also measures 1.5 inches deep, which is plenty thin, albeit slightly thicker than the 1.4-inch depth of 2010 models, such as the PNC7000 series.

Beyond the measurements, and the addition of Cinema Smooth for 1080/24 compatibility, the 2011 D6500 has features similar to the 2010 C7000. It offers 3D and the Samsung Apps Internet suite, which has been improved for 2011 and is now being called Smart TV. Check out our writeup of the Samsung UND6400 series of LCDs for details on those improvements.

Pricing was not announced, and availability is listed as "spring."

Samsung PND6500 series features:

  • Plasma TV
  • 3D compatible
  • Narrow bezel
  • 1.5-inch depth
  • Touch of Color design
  • Cinema Smooth processing
  • Smart TV with Samsung Apps and universal search
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection

Samsung PND6500 series models:

  • Samsung PN51D6500: 51-inch
  • Samsung PN59D6500: 59-inch