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Samsung aims to upend TV design at CES, clearly

The company hints at "an unprecedented new TV shape" it'll show off at CES 2013, and frames the changes with a transparent image.

Is this a transparent television?
Is this a transparent television?

Samsung is planning to bring a television to the Consumer Electronics Show that looks, well, see-through.

On its blog yesterday, the technology company posted an image of a television that's sitting vertically instead of horizontally. The set also appears to be sitting on a landscape in which the viewer can look through the display to see what's behind it.

Samsung was slim on details, and only had this to say about the set: "A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design."

The Verge was first to report on the television.

Samsung, which plans to show off the television at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, is sparking major speculation on what it has planned. Will the television buck current design ideas and show programming in portrait rather than landscape mode? Better yet, will the television indeed be transparent, or is Samsung's image simply showing how lifelike its picture can be?

That Samsung might announce a transparent television at CES isn't so outlandish. Last year, the company showed off a transparent LCD panel that was designed for the retail industry's kiosks, store windows, and billboards. Samsung last year showed CNET a 22-inch transparent LCD, and said that a 46-incher was on the way.

CNET has contacted Samsung for comment on the blog post. We will update this story when we have more information.