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Sam's Club to sell iPhone and iPad

Wal-Mart's Sam's Club chain is joining the list of retail outlets selling the iPhone and iPad, but no start date has been given.


Warehouse chain Sam's Club will be selling Apple's iPad and iPhone.

The large members-only retail outlet confirmed the news at an investor meeting today. No date was given as to when the popular tablet and smartphone would be available. But the news follows yesterday's announcement by Sam's Club's parent Wal-Mart that it would start selling the iPad at some stores on Friday, and that the tablet would be available at all 2,300 stores by mid-November.

Wal-Mart and Sam's Club join Best Buy and Target on the growing list of retailers selling the iPad. The tablet has proven to be one of Apple's hottest items, selling 3.3 million units in its first three months alone. Some analysts have estimated that Apple sold close to 5 million iPads in the quarter ending in September and has sold more than 8 million units so far since the device's debut in early April.