Salesforce.com to build social network for Toyota

For Salesforce, the Toyota partnership highlights how the company could use Saleforce Chatter to offer private label networks.

Larry Dignan

Salesforce.com said today that it will partner with Toyota to build a private social network, dubbed Toyota Friend. The effort will be built on Salesforce Chatter.

Salesforce Chatter logo Salesforce.com

Toyota Friend will be offered in Japan at first and be available on electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars in 2012. Toyota is partnering with Microsoft and others in an effort to catch up to Ford for in-car technology.

The two companies are also investing in Toyota Media Service, which will aim to build a global telematics system. Salesforce will invest 223 million yen ($2.85 million) into Toyota Media Service Co. with Toyota Motor Corp. investing 442 million yen. Microsoft will invest 350 million yen as a partner.

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