Rational debuts app testing tool

The Web-based testing tool, PerformanceStudio, combines functional and performance testing capabilities.

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Implementing a massive enterprise resource planning software system like
SAP's R/3 is painstaking, but it's only part of the equation. Making sure it works is also a necessary step.

Enter companies like Cupertino, California-based Rational Software. Rational unveiled today at Microsoft's Developer Days conference a new application-testing product called PerformanceStudio.

The Web-based testing tool combines functional and performance testing capabilities. It includes Rational's Robot product for script recording and built-in test asset management. It also includes four new functions: DataSmart Recording, ClientSmart Pacing, LoadSmart Scheduling, and ServerSmart Playback.

DataSmart Recording is a device that automatically generates test scripts using variables tied to test data sets. Scripts can be recorded for graphical user interfaces, application programming interfaces, and other methods.

ClientSmart Pacing is a tool that reproduces live use of the application and differentiates between delays due to user issues, CPU processing issues, and server response times. The tool can be scaled to simulate thousands of users to see if the new application can handle such a load.

LoadSmart Scheduling allows users to graphically model complex, multiuser scenarios without programming. The tool turns scripts into user schedules that can be scaled from 10 to 10,000 users.

ServerSmart Playback is used to capture server response when playing back Web page content that changes often.

It is to be available in a month at a starting price of $10,000 when configured for Web-server testing or $30,000 configured for database server testing. Companies with current maintenance contracts for Rational products preVue, SQA Suite's Load Test Edition, and Performix can get PerformanceStudio for free.