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Progeny Linux leader takes new job

Founder of Debian Linux project and of company called Progeny to commercialize it takes job trying to standardize elements of OS.

The founder of the Debian Linux project, and of a company called Progeny that aims to commercialize it, has taken a new job trying to standardize elements of the open-source operating system.

Ian Murdock said in his blog earlier this month that he now is chief technology officer of the Free Standards Group and chairman of its Linux Standard Base (LSB) work group.

The LSB effort seeks to standardize some elements of Linux so software makers don't have to worry as much about differences between versions of the operating system from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Server or others. Despite years of work on LSB, software and hardware companies still certify their products with specific versions of Linux.

But Murdock foresees greater success. "This promises to be a breakout year for the LSB and for free standards in general, and I'm excited to be a part of it," he said in the blog.

Among 2006 plans for the effort are LSB 3.1, which has elements specific to Linux on desktop computers; a road map for LSB 4.0; and "a renewed emphasis on increasing direct involvement" with software companies and those who distribute Linux, he said.

Murdock hasn't completely dissociated from Progeny. "I leave Progeny in excellent hands, and I'm able to remain involved in that wonderful position called 'adviser,'" he said.