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Priceline beams up new Shatner ads

The former "Star Trek" star, having renewed his contract with the travel e-tailer earlier this year, is set to pitch ads on both radio and television. said Monday that it is launching a new series of radio ads with pitchman William Shatner.

Shatner will co-star with a computer in the new ads, touting the name-your-own-price service.

The former "Star Trek" star renewed his contract with Priceline earlier this year for both radio and television ads. Financial terms of the relationship were not released.

Shatner was replaced as Priceline pitchperson by "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker for a while last year. Shatner, who had initially received stock in the company as payment, saw his investment tumble along with Priceline's stock.

Shatner said that his relationship with Priceline had broadened "from a celebrity spokesman to a customer who has enjoyed the significant savings and benefits of"