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Possible iPhone 5C casing endures damage tests

The potential backing of Apple's upcoming plastic iPhone gets a stress test with some keys and pocket change, but no drops.

Apple Daily

The rear plastic backing that may or may not belong to Apple's next iPhone is already being tested for durability, weeks before the device is expected to debut.

Taiwan-based news site Apple Daily (via MacRumors) posted on Wednesday a brief video showing a blue plastic version -- which looks much like others that have made the rounds in recent days -- undergoing damage from metal objects. That includes being thrown into a plastic bag and shaken with keys and pocket change, as well as being aggressively scratched with a car key.

The short video suggests the plastic back is resistant to such types of damage, which would likely occur for people who placed the device in the same pocket as these objects. However the tests do not cover durability in the event of a drop, something that's frequently done at, or just before, the launch of the product, when all the other components are in place.

Along with the scratch tests, Apple Daily also measured the thickness of the shell itself, which came in at 8.98mm. Even without a display, that's thicker than the iPhone 5's 7.6mm, which is made out of aluminum.

Apple is expected to unveil a less-expensive, plastic-backed iPhone model at an event on September 10, alongside an updated iPhone 5 model. For more on what to expect, read CNET's FAQ.