Poll--Do you plan on upgrading to 3D?

CNET asks its readers whether or not they plan to upgrade to the new 3D home video format.

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3D Blu-ray is coming, but who knows whether it will take off.
3D Blu-ray is coming, but who knows whether it will take off. Panasonic


Do you plan on upgrading to 3D TV?

Yes and I'll be an early adopter
Yes, but I'll wait for prices to fall
Yes, but only when you don't need glasses
Yes, but only for video games

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CES 2010 proved that manufacturers are ready to sell 3D gear, but that doesn't necessarily mean that consumers are ready to buy it. The consumer electronics industry believes that the success of 3D movies like "Avatar" will get people pumped up for another upgrade cycle, but with plenty of people just getting HDTVs within the last few years, it's likely to be a tough sell.

We've voiced our own skepticism and seen plenty of 3D-hate in the comments, but it's worth pointing out that we saw that same kind of comments when Blu-ray came out. (Some even thought that DVD would fail.) It seems that even successful new video formats go through the same stages: first there's skepticism that people will care about the new technological advantages, then it's too expensive, then there's not enough media, then finally (if it's successful) grudging acceptance.

Overall, we're much more skeptical about the success of 3D than we were about Blu-ray, but it's easy to get caught up in the knee-jerk response that nobody will care about a new home video format. On the other hand, there have been several home video formats that were never widely adopted: Betamax, LaserDisc, and D-VHS spring to mind.

Vote in the poll to voice your opinion, but feel free to jump into the comments to elaborate.

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