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Pokki launches its Windows app store on Android

Not content to compete for storefront space on Windows, Pokki is taking its alternative app store to Android.

Pokki's all-in-one store on Android, launching at CES 2014.

If you've hated the Android app store, or just wanted more Android app options, Pokki has an app for that -- and you.

The alternative Windows app store has launched on Android and two-in-one devices, the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday. The update to the store, described as "recommendation technology," supports Android for the first time, along with multimode devices, a growing category of Windows computers as Windows 8 enters its second year.

Chester Ng, co-founder of SweetLabs, the maker of Pokki, said that it's the combination of Windows 8 desktop mode app store and app recommendations that have driven Pokki's popularity.

"A lot of apps don't scale up on Android to larger screens, or all-in-one, multimode tablets," he said. "It's all about connecting the right apps on the right devices with the right users."

Pokki recommends apps, Ng said, by looking at several factors including device form factor, such as tablet or laptop; operating system; device orientation, including lying flat on a table; and user interests.

SweetLabs scored a major deal for Pokki last year as Lenovo agreed to ship Pokki preinstalled on all its Windows 8 and 8.1 devices.

Perhaps the most obvious use-case for a multi-operating system app store would be to make cross-device syncing easy to achieve. That's not in the new version of Pokki yet, said Ng, but he agreed that it's "a very compelling value proposition."