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Photos: Moment arrives for those who 'Sith' and wait

The long-anticipated final episode of the "Star Wars" series is now showing. The lines could be more fun than the film.

Most wanted poster

As "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" begins its first weekend run, the long wait for fans is finally over.

Credit: Webshots user zoltanid10

Star Wars Sith

In line, I am

Some "Star Wars" enthusiasts spent hours--even days--waiting in line. One hopeful soul in Florida passed the time watching the "Attack of the Clones" episode on a portable DVD player.

Credit: Zuma Press

Star Wars Sith

Space vehicle

X-wing fighters may be out the price range for some earthlings, but one in Hollywood seems perfectly happy with her "Honda H-wing."

Credit: Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

Star Wars Sith

En garde

If you're waiting in line (and in character or not), watch out for light-saber duels.

Credit: Hector Mata/AFP/Getty Images

Star Wars Sith

By the Sith book

Matt Stover, author of the novel "Revenge of the Sith," is well-guarded at a book signing in Novi, Mich.

Credit: Webshots user freakanchovy

Star Wars Sith

"Star Wars" reference

An interstellar fan looks up the availability of "TIE Starfighters for Dummies."

Credit: Webshots user freakanchovy

Star Wars Sith