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Philips markets new DVD player

Its new model introduces several features.

Philips Electronics announced a new version of its DVD video player.

Succeeding the 400AT model, the Philips Magnavox 420AT DVD player comes with a jazzed-up remote control and five free DVD titles, chosen from a selected list.

The remote control now has a jog/shuttle feature that lets the user locate scenes in a film. Philips also claims the remote will adjust the volume and channel controls of most televisions, and the volume control of most receivers.

For the absent-minded couch potato, the new system features a "remote locator," a button on the player that causes the misplaced remote to beep.

New viewing features include a zoom function for viewers who want a closer look at a scene. Audio features include adjustable audio track playback and both stereo and headphone outputs.

The player also reads video CDs, DVD-Video discs, and audio compact discs.

It is not capable of reading Divx discs, a still-newer DVD-type format offering greater protections against unlicensed copying and piracy that has not yet reached the market. For purposes of movie rentals and the like, Divx is also capable of restricting playback to a specified machine and time period--for example, 48 hours--unless users purchase additional viewing rights.

The 420AT will be available in October for a suggested retail price of $649.95.