PC Expo Net Vendors Hawk Something For Everyone

CNET News staff
2 min read
At PC Expo this week, over 130,000 sweaty PC fans who braved cab shortages and the summer's first humidity wave plodded wearily past booths pitching everything from hotel CDs to Net resources for lawyers.

At the show, Official Airline Guides released the OAG HotelDisk, a CD-ROM guide that lets consumers search for a place to stay based on 30 different criteria including location, price, health club facilities, and frequent flyer benefits. Priced at $147, HotelDisk lets road warriors zoom in on regional overviews, metro maps, and street-level views in 30 of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Technophiles with money to invest got a look at Fidelity Investments' Online Investor Center, available via America Online. The center will provide AOL subscribers with info on new funds, as well as brokerage and investment services. Savvy Net types can also now access fund prospectuses and applications for Fidelity products at *http://www.fid-inv.com*.

For enterprising legal eagles seeking Net info, the show offered up The Internet Lawyer, a monthly newsletter set to debut in August. Each issue--which is printed on...er, paper--will include the latest info on legal research, Net security issues, legal resources, and list servers.

Cybertravelers who came down to earth in time to enjoy 100-degree temps could also enter Cathay Pacific's Mileage Millionaire. Just register as a cybertraveler at *http://www.cathay-usa.com* for a chance to win 1 million miles on Cathay Pacific Airways. Let's see...that's 40 round-trips within the U.S., 33 trips to Hawaii, and 25 trips to Europe. You get the idea...wake us up when the inflight movie's over.