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Patience waning in Apple-Samsung patent fight

Presiding judge admonishes both parties for courtroom antics, while Google travels to the bank to buy Frommers. Also: RIM optimism.

The Apple-Samsung patent infringement trial is on fire, with the presiding judge applying much of the heat.

Tension appeared to peak this week when U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh began yelling at Apple for trying to book too many witnesses in its last few hours.

"I am not going to be running around trying to get 75 pages of briefings for people who are not going to be testifying," Koh told Apple's lawyer Bill Lee.

"I mean come on. 75 pages! 75 pages! You want me to do an order on 75 pages, (and) unless you're smoking crack, you know these witnesses aren't going to be called when you have less than four hours," Koh said.

"Your honor, I can assure you, I'm not smoking crack," Lee replied matter-of-factly.

Hours after chiding Apple, Koh turned her attention to what she considered a strategical blunder on Samsung's part. After each in a train of Apple witnesses were through with their testimony, Samsung passed on trying to cross-examine, citing a lack of time. When the court was about to go on its afternoon break, Koh warned Samsung lawyers that they better not try to file any paperwork saying they didn't have enough time.

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RIM chief: BlackBerry 10 could be licensed to handset rivals

Research In Motion's boss says the forthcoming operating system could be licensed across non-BlackBerry devices, if RIM should choose to do so.
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New rumor puts Windows RT Surface tablet at $199

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