Pacemaker 2.0 brings beats to the masses

Tonium announces the second generation of its Pacemaker line of DJ MP3 players for CES 2009.

Donald Bell Senior Editor / How To
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Donald Bell

The folks behind the Tonium Pacemaker, a DJ-focused MP3 player that made its debut in the middle of 2008, are gearing up to release a new version of the device in 2009.

Photo of Tonium Pacemaker
The second-generation Pacemaker DJ MP3 player will help tempo-challenged DJs keep the beat. CBS Interactive/Corinne Schulze

The new version of the Pacemaker announced today doesn't replace last year's model, but instead offers amateur DJs a light version of the full-blown product, loaded with a smaller hard drive (60GB instead of 120GB), a simpler user interface, and automatic tempo matching.

Physically, the new, consumer-focused version looks exactly the same as the $800 professional model. You get the same 1.75-inch color LCD, multigesture trackpad control, playback control buttons, and a touch strip crossfader. The rest of the specs, however, are a mystery (we'll try to pry more out of these Swedes at CES).

Tonium claims that the real difference between the professional Pacemaker and the new entry-level version will be apparent in the overhauled and simplified graphic user interface. Users will also feel the difference in their wallets, with the new version of the Pacemaker priced under $500.

Tonium predicts the new Pacemaker model will hit shelves in Spring of 2009.