Oracle's Sun strategy: What to expect

Larry Ellison is hosting a five-hour event with analysts today to lay out the grand vision for Sun.

Larry Dignan

Oracle on Wednesday will unveil its grand vision for Sun Microsystems in a five-hour powwow with analysts.

With the acquisition complete, the real work begins. It's clear Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will focus on high-margin systems and integrated appliances like the Exadata machine.

The hardware business is likely to be reshuffled, according to Deutsche Bank analysts. For instance, Oracle may not stick around in the volume server business--Sun Fire, Sun Blade 6000 Series--and it's unclear whether midrange servers--Sun Fire, M-Series 4000, 5000--make sense.

But Oracle's event is likely to be more than just a hardware gab fest. The strategy for Java, Solaris, and Sun's other software properties must be somewhere in the mix.

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