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Oracle Express Server 6.0 set to roll

Continuing its embrace of the Windows NT operating system, Oracle will tomorrow announce it's shipping the Express Server 6.0 decision-support database for NT.

Continuing its embrace of Windows NT, Oracle (ORCL) will tomorrow announce that it is shipping its Express Server 6.0 decision-support database for NT running on servers powered by Digital Equipment's Alpha processors.

Express Server is an OLAP (online analytical processing) server for analyzing business data. OLAP tools let users quickly analyze shared corporate data organized in multiple dimensions, not just the two-dimensional horizontal and vertical categories of simple spreadsheets. That allows data to be viewed, for example, as "sales by region" or "sales by quarter, by sales representative, by product line, by region."

Version 6.0, which was announced earlier this summer, packs a 30 percent performance boost over previous versions, according to the company.

In future releases, Oracle plans additional analysis and management tools, as well as further integration into the Oracle database kernel.

Express Server is priced at $3,995 per user and runs on Windows NT, HP-UX, and Sun Microsystems' Solaris.

Oracle has stepped up its commitment to ship software on Windows NT, which is growing in popularity among corporate users.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it would spend up to $2 million to improve technical support to customers that run its software on Windows NT.

Oracle has also made Windows NT one of its top-tier operating systems, meaning that NT is among the first operating systems to be supported by new software releases.