Oracle, EMC expand services partnership

The companies plan to announce next week two new strategies designed to expand a joint effort to cater to their mutual customers.

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EMC and Oracle plan to announce next week two new strategies designed to expand a joint effort to cater to the companies' mutual customers.

The new plans include a combined services effort that the companies say makes it quicker to set up Oracle databases on EMC hardware and a software package designed to automate the process of duplicating Oracle applications.

The new projects build on an earlier partnership aimed at better serving the 25,000 customers that use both companies' gear. In October, the two companies created a joint service center to support the companies' mutual clients.

Indeed, some of the companies' know-how for their services push comes from the learning done at the service center.

"It's one of the areas that we gather the expertise that then we consolidate into these offerings," said Doug Kennedy, vice president of platform alliances for Oracle. Kennedy said that the joint customers include some of Oracle's largest business customers.

"These are the large, significant partners," he said. "It?s a pretty significant part of our customer ecosystem."

By combining Oracle's consulting unit with EMC's global services team, the companies estimate they can launch a system 25 percent faster and can allow companies to improve their back-up and restore efforts by 20 percent to 40 percent.

The package combines applications for cloning Oracle 11i software--that is, making copies of the applications so that different versions can be used for testing or back-up purposes. Using just Oracle's software, the process requires the application to be taken offline for the clone to be made. EMC's software allows for continuous operation but is less automated. By combining efforts, customers can have an option that is both automated and allows the application to run uninterrupted.

Oracle and EMC plan to announce the new efforts at next week's Oracle AppsWorld in San Diego.