Oracle debuts "thin client" architecture

Oracle, backed by over 40 companies, unveils its architecture for the "thin client" concept.

CNET News staff
As previously reported by CNET, Oracle (ORCL) unveiled its Network Computing Architecture for the "thin client" concept today with support from over 40 companies.

The architecture lets developers build and deploy object-based applications using a "cartridge" concept of plug-in software components. The architecture is based on standard protocols such as CORBA and HTTP. The architecture supports both Netscape Communications ONE Client and Oracle's Network Computer natively, as well as Microsoft's ActiveX Desktop.

Oracle announced it will extend the cartridge concept so the new programs can interoperate with the Oracle7 database.

The announcement brings Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's network computing vision another step closer to reality. Companies such as Netscape, Data General, and a host of small software development firms announced support for the new architecture.