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Optima++ gets Net treatment

Powersoft strengthens its Optima++ development tool to handle intranet and client-server applications.

Powersoft, a subsidiary of Sybase (SYBS) is strengthening its Optima++ development tool to handle intranet and client-server applications.

Optima++ 1.5, announced today, borrows key features from the company's PowerBuilder development tool aimed at corporate IS developers. The update includes the company's DataWindow technology, which gives developers code-free data access, analysis, presentation, and reporting. Also included is Powersoft's Data Pipeline, a data migration utility, and InfoMaker, a query and reporting tool.

Powerbuilder's DataWindow is the tool's most popular feature, making it one of the most widely used information systems development packages.

Optima 1.5 also includes C++ compiler technology from Powersoft's Watcom division, data access via Open Database Connectivity drivers to popular databases, and an integrated version of Sybase's SQL Anywhere desktop database.

New in version 1.5 are a series of intranet development tools, such as a set of ActiveX components, licensed from NetManage to integrate Web browsers, email, data exchange, and Winsock Internet access into compiled applications. The tool will also generate code to work with both Microsoft and Netscape Communications Web servers.

To make team development of applications possible, Optima 1.5 includes Powersoft's ObjectCycle source code management tool, and interfaces to Intersolv's PVCS, Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe, and other tools.

Optima 1.5 is available in three versions: a Developer package, priced at $199; a Professional edition, for $999; and an Enterprise package for $1,999. The Professional version is available for $499 to owners of competitive tools.

Powersoft said the next version of Optima, version 2.0, will include Java support, in addition to C++. That version is expected to ship by year's end.