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OpenSignal LTE report on the Philippines: Slow but consistent speeds

While the country may have got 4G LTE as early as 2011, networks in the Philippines aren't as fast as other Asian countries.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low


OpenSignal's latest report on LTE looks towards the Philippines, and while the country has had 4G LTE since 2011, speeds still lag far behind other Asian high-tech hubs such as Singapore and South Korea.

The two carriers, Globe and Smart, are closely matched in terms of download and upload speeds. Globe, however, has the better lower latency at 93ms, which OpenSignal says is "an important metric in determining the true user experience, as low latencies have a big impact on user experience speed when using mobile Internet."

Looking at the data, Globe has speeds of 6.1Mbps download and 7Mbps upload, while Smart has 5.9Mbps download and 7.2Mbps upload. Comparatively, OpenSignal's earlier report on Singapore mentioned an average speed of 21.7Mbps.

Apart from the speeds, the brief OpenSignal report praised Smart for "significant improvement" in its LTE speeds since earlier this year .

However, Smart still needs to improve its latency -- even though it's twice Globe's at 185ms. OpenSignal says Globe users who switch to Smart will notice a significant difference in video streaming and VoIP services.