Open-source firm CollabNet to name new software partner

E-commerce software seller OpenSales will pay open-source programmers to extend its software through CollabNet's SourceXchange program, a source familiar with the plan says.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--CollabNet will get another paying business partner soon: e-commerce software seller OpenSales.

OpenSales released its AllCommerce Web site product-retailing software as open source, meaning anyone may adopt and modify the program. Now OpenSales will pay open-source programmers to extend the software through CollabNet's SourceXchange program, a source familiar with the plan said.

CollabNet offers a service that allows programmers to bid for open-source programming jobs posted by companies. CollabNet, like online auction company eBay, takes a percentage of the money that changes hands.

The announcement is expected tomorrow at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Jose, Calif. The show has triggered a cascade of news about Linux and the open-source community of programmers who collectively develop software by freely sharing code.

CollabNet's primary revenue source is consulting with companies hoping to tie into the open-source movement, which has produced such successes as the Linux operating system and Apache Web server software, chief technology officer Brian Behlendorf has said.

OpenSales offers AllCommerce as a free download but charges money for help with installation, customization, service and support. Its software is included with versions of Linux from TurboLinux, MandrakeSoft in France and Hancom in Korea.

CollabNet also is setting up the infrastructure for a programming community being set up by Linux video game console maker Indrema. Indrema has signed a partnership with Red Hat to co-develop a version of Linux called DV Linux tailored for video game and home entertainment system hardware that uses a TV for a display.

In addition, CollabNet has simplified its name from Collab.Net.