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Open season on Microsoft

The latest controversy enveloping the software giant has elevated the anti-Microsoft buzz to a spiteful roar.

As if getting slapped with lawsuits weren't enough trouble for the software giant, Microsoft increasingly is being targeted by Internet jokesters, competitors looking to kick the company while it's down, and former employees turned tell-all authors. While CEO Bill Gates may be somewhat used to being the guy with pie on his face, the latest controversy enveloping the Redmond, Washington, company has elevated the anti-Microsoft buzz to a spiteful roar.

Microsoft gets it from all sides
In the wake of ponderous legal woes, the software giant is taking hits from the competition, the government, and self-proclaimed Microsoft critics.

McNealy: DOJ on right track
Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy says that Microsoft should be forced to divest from all its minority investments or be broken up.

New thriller based on Microsoft
It's the story of a Seattle software firm led by a power-minded billionaire, and it's not about Microsoft--it's about Megasoft.

Ellison attacks Microsoft, again
The Oracle CEO accuses archrival Microsoft of taking "outrageous" and "tacitly illegal" measures to protect its PC desktop dominance.

Netscape book details browser war
Speeding the Net claims to offer the inside story of Netscape and how it challenged Microsoft.

Microsoft pilloried in tell-all
Barbarians Led by Bill Gates delves into the strategies and blunders that have made Microsoft what it is today.