Ohio secretary of state site's possibly hacked

Access has been limited to the secretary of state's Web site after a security breach was discovered Monday.

Stephanie Condon
Stephanie Condon Staff writer, CBSNews.com
Stephanie Condon is a political reporter for CBSNews.com.

The Ohio secretary of state's office has limited the access to its Web site after discovering it may have been hacked.

"Due to security concerns experienced by the Secretary of State's website, full functionality of the website has been suspended to protect the integrity of state records and data," a message on the site reads. "Full functionality will be restored when we are assured that all data has been protected and restored to acceptable levels of security."

The site was temporarily shut down on Monday afternoon after the security breach was discovered, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported. The secretary of state's office offered few details about the breach.

"What we know is our IT department detected a situation with our Web site where there was somehow suspicious activity where someone could have gotten into our site and tried to move things around," Patrick Gallaway, communications director for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, told the Plain Dealer.

Brunner, a Democrat who recently won a dispute with the Ohio Republican Party over new voter registrations, has been the target of other malicious acts recently. Her office has reportedly fielded menacing e-mails and phone calls and received a suspicious package addressed to Brunner, which was turned over to police.