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Office 2013 Web Apps final version now live on SkyDrive

SkyDrive users will find their online office documents now launching in the new and final edition of Office 2013 Web Apps.

The Excel 2013 Web App
The Excel 2013 Web App

Microsoft's Office 2013 Web Apps suite is now a final and official part of SkyDrive.

The online Office suite has been available for SkyDrive users since July. But it's been in a customer preview mode still being tweaked by Microsoft. A tweet yesterday from Omar Shahine, a SkyDrive group product manager, confirmed that the final edition is now live.

SkyDrive users who create or open a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote file will see it pop up in the completed 2013 edition of Office Web Apps. Opening a file created under the previous version triggers a message that says: "We're converting your file so you can edit it. Click version history to find your original file."

You can then edit your document using the associated application in Office Web Apps. Each application kicks in its own series of enhancements over the prior version, as described in today's Microsoft blog.

The Word 2013 Web App offers higher-quality graphics and images along with an improved layout. You can now add and view comments. The Web version also provides new tools for page layout and images and a word count status.

The Excel 2013 Web App now lets you merge cells, autofit columns, and "AutoSum" your figures. Other features includes the handy fill handle, formula assistance, and 3D charts.

The new PowerPoint Web App supports audio and video playback on a PC, tablet, or phone. You can also insert videos, add transitions and animations, and apply any theme to your presentation. And multiple users can add their own comments and appear as co-authors.

Finally, the OneNote 2013 Web App lets you search for items on an entire page or within a single section. You can click anywhere on the page to add a note, image, or tag. And your notes can appear on the Web through a viewable URL for PC, phone, and tablet users.

The Office 2013 Web Apps suite is also accessible on