Novell to acquire Internet software services company

Privately held JustOn's hosted file sharing, which allows users to store files in a central place on the Net, is intended to help Novell tackle the emerging ASP market.

Network software maker Novell will tomorrow announce the acquisition of privately held JustOn, a software services provider, according to the companies.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

JustOn is an application service provider, or ASP, focused on hosted file sharing and publishing tools. Novell said it plans to integrate the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company's technology into its own Internet-focused software products.

JustOn's services allow users to store files in a central place on the Net, rather than on a local computer hard drive.

Novell's classical strength is in sharing files across a network, though it has revamped its line of software so it can work in Internet-based settings. The company said it hopes it can utilize JustOn to tackle the emerging ASP market.

Novell plans to launch a series of Internet-based services and technologies this year. Among the technologies involved will be the firm's directory services, or NDS, its messaging software, and its Net caching system.

Such software is the linchpin of a turnaround strategy being guided by chief executive Eric Schmidt.

Novell's move comes just after news of software rival Microsoft's $10 million investment in ASP Corio earlier today.