Notebooks get new 56-kbps modem cards

Global Village's 56-kbps PC Card modems for both Mac and Windows-based notebook computers will arrive in June.

Global Village (GVIL) today announced new 56-kbps PC Card modems for both Mac and Windows-based notebook computers.

The new modems, based on K56flex technology from Rockwell and Lucent, can be brought up to evolving communications standards through software upgrades.

Global Village says the new modems integrate a surge protector to the line connector instead of the modem itself to offer additional protection. Also, the new modems can connect with cellular phones for wireless communcations with optional hardware available from Global.

The PC Card modems for Apple PowerBooks now include automatic support for throughput up to 230Kbps when downloading compressible files. They also automatically notify the user of line connection status and other information, according to the company.

The 56K Modem and 56K Modem/Ethernet, which adds the ability to connect to an Ethernet network, will be offered in Windows 95 for $219 and $329, respectively. The Mac versions will cost $269 and $379 and are optimized for use on PowerBook 190, 5300 and 1400 models using System 7.5 or later. A free software update will be available in July for the PowerBook 3400 and 2400 models.

All versions are expected to ship in June.

Modem buyers must be sure their modems can communicate with modems used by their service provider in order to attain higher connection speeds. Otherwise, modems will default to the 33.6-kbps transmission standard. Current federal regulations limit maximum download speeds to 53 kbps.