Notebook prices follow PC drop

NEC cuts prices on its low-end notebooks as much as 20 percent.

Paul Festa Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Paul Festa
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Paul Festa
The NEC Computer Systems Division of Packard Bell has taken its turn at cutting personal computer prices, lopping as much as 20 percent off the low end of its Value line of Versa notebook computers.

Following the lead of Compaq Computer, which cut notebook prices by 27 percent earlier this month to as low as $1,599, NEC now offers its Versa 2400 and 2405 for $1,499. These systems use a 100-MHz Pentium processor.

The higher 2430 and 2435 models feature a 133-MHz processor. These fall in price to $1,999, from $2,499.

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"helvetica"="" size="-1">Versa 2400 and 2405 "helvetica"="" size="-1">$1,699 "helvetica"="" size="-1">$1,499
"helvetica"="" size="-1">Versa 2400CD and 2405CD "helvetica"="" size="-1">$2,199 "helvetica"="" size="-1">$1,799
"helvetica"="" size="-1">Versa 2430CD and 2435CD "helvetica"="" size="-1">$2,499 "helvetica"="" size="-1">$1,999

NEC's Value line is marketed toward small-office, home-office, student, first-time, and corporate sales fleet buyers.

The 2400 notebooks feature two removable bays, enabling four different configurations: 6X CD-ROM drive and battery, floppy disc and battery, CD and floppy, or two batteries.